Time for Natalie Portman's Stoner Buddy Road Trip Comedy

February 22, 2010


Remember that Natalie Portman SNL video where she was doing the rapping? So shocking! Such a sweet, innocent picture of beauty spouting rhymes about drinkin', fightin', and fuckin'! Crazy!

Well, prepare to have your mind blown by Natalie Portman hedonism again. According to Pajiba, Amidala will produce and star in Best Buds, a Harold & Kumar-esque road comedy in which the titular "buds" will represent both friends and marijuana.

Portman is still looking for a director for actress Jamie Denbo's script, and no other casting has been mentioned, but it is known both leads will definitely be female, thus breaking up the long-enduring patriarchy of stoned buddy comedy. Nice that Hollywood is finally recognizing ladies might have friendships that aren't based entirely on wedding rivalries, yet still I find myself thinking, why is Amy Sedaris not the one shattering this particular glass ceiling?

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