Your Odeon Customer Loyalty Card Useless for 'Alice in Wonderland'

February 23, 2010


Sorry, those of you in the UK, Irish Republic, and Italy: Alice in Wonderland will not be shown at your local Odeon theatres. Following Disney's demand to reduce the window from theatre to DVD from 17 to 12 weeks, the cinema company issued a eff you to Disney. Odeon, Britain's largest cinema chain, reportedly won't be showing Tim Burton's new film, claiming it would, "set a new benchmark, leading to a 12-week window becoming rapidly standard."

Now the question is, is Odeon standing up to Disney's bullying, or are they just painfully aware of that free admission pass you keep forgetting to use, acquired when the sound kept cutting out on Return of the King? Goddammit, you're never going to get to use that thing.

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