'Alice in Wonderland' Cleans Up Box Office

March 8, 2010


1. Alice in Wonderland - $116.3 million. Biggest weekend for a Tim Burton film; biggest weekend for a March opening; already highest grossing film released this year; and film most likely to be talked about at the "weird kids table" in your middle school.

2. Brooklyn's Finest - $13.5 million. I think it could have done better if it was a double feature, maybe opening with Blade 2 or Passenger 57 as a refresher to remind everyone who Wesley Snipes is.

3. Shutter Island - $13.3 million, making it an overall strong weekend for popular-directors-and-their-male-muse films.

4. Cop Out - $9.1 million. Kevin Smith better lodge himself in a subway turnstile or something to get some attention back to this thing.

5. Avatar - $7.7 million. Expect a boost this weekend as theater-goers flock to see the winner of Best Art Direction.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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