Conan News Item #2: Rose McGowan Gets To Be in Film Not Made by Robert Rodriguez

March 17, 2010


Remember how Robert Rodriguez kept saying how he was going to put his Marilyn Manson-tainted ex-girlfriend in a Red Sonja movie? He even let her do a cute little Red Sonja Glamour Shot to show her how serious he was. Well, I still don't know when or if that's still going to happen, but Rose McGowan is reportedly joining the world of Conan the Barbarian in another role.

Variety says the wooden star of WB's Charmed will user her knowledge of witchcraft join the new Conan film playing "an evil half-human/half-witch," which makes absolutely no sense to me. I didn't know you could be half-witch; I always thought you were either a witch or not a witch. Isn't it more an occupation than a race? It's basically just a magic chef, and you can't be half a chef. Maybe it's sort of like being Jewish, where being a witch is more of a cultural identity, and spell-casting is their equivalent of neurotic, self-deprecating humor? Any Wiccans, please comment.

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