D. Hoff Coming to HBO

March 2, 2010


It's got director Michael Mann; it's got Deadwood creator David Milch; it's got horses; and now it has Dustin Hoffman. It's the new HBO horse-racing series Luck, so get ready for it to probably win Emmys in a couple years:

Hoffman will portray a man in his late 60s just released from four years in prison who's autodidactic, intelligent, and deeply involved in gambling.

Last week, Dennis Farina was cast in the series as Hoffman's character's driver and companion.

Also, John Ortiz is set to play a middle-aged Peruvian trainer. According to a recent interview Milch had with Daily Racing Form, character is loosely based on real-life trainer Julio Canani, who has been on the Southern California racing circuit for decades and has trained three Breeders' Cup-winning horses. "Luck" is set to go into production this month and HBO is aiming for a January launch, he told the publication.

Dustin Hoffman on a regular series--just goes to show how the film and television industries are changing. Used to be that going from feature films to cable TV was a definite step down; now it's "at least better than Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 2."

Dustin Hoffman to star in HBO's 'Luck' [Variety]

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