David Fincher Completing Transition from Fight Club to Chess Club

March 15, 2010


Someone down at Hollywood HQ must have finally realized 1993's Searching for Bobby Fischer is not, in fact, about Bobby Fischer, and you know what that means: time for a Bobby Fischer movie!

Variety reports Columbia has signed David Fincher on to direct a biopic on the anti-Semitic chess phenom, telling Fischer's life story leading to his world championship battle against Boris Spassky. The name of this film? PAWN SACRIFICE. So dramatic. "Don't you see now, Bobby?! Your SOUL is the pawn! And the game is your LIFE! Checkmate!" (sample dialogue)

Fincher's shift from edgy thrillers like Seven and Fight Club to the likes of the 165-minute Curious Case of Benjamin Button, his upcoming Facebook film, The Social Network, and now a chess film, has me wondering: when did this guy get so fucking boring?

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