I Really Think/Hope Keanu Reeves Is Joking About New 'Bill & Ted' Movie

March 8, 2010


Not that I don't enjoy my [faint memory of] the Bill & Ted movies (I seem to recall Napoleon eating ice cream, George Carlin, and an extended parody of The Seventh Seal); I'm just pretty sure another one would be really, really shitty--and placing those characters in 2010 reaches nearly Austin Powers levels of ridiculous anachronism. Also, I'm pretty sure Keanu Reeves was joking when he told MTV he's not joking about trying to put together a Bill & Ted sequel.

That said, here's Ted being pestered into saying he's trying to make another Bill & Ted movie:

That's a Keanu joke, right? I think it just comes off weird from a mix of being rightfully annoyed at being asked to greenlight a Bill & Ted movie on the red carpet and being nervous about having to read aloud later.

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