It Is What It Is: 3-D, CGI Popeye Soon Terrifying Children

March 23, 2010

Look forward to your child screaming in nightmarish terror at the massive chinned, one-eyed, thick-forearmed, awful-voiced, unspeakably-deformed sailor of indeterminable age lunging at them from the theater screen. Variety says a 3-D, computer-animated version of the characters will be headed to screens in the next few years, with Avi Arad producing and Mike Jones in talks to write.

Good luck trying to top Robert Altman's 1980, Robin Williams/Shelley Duvall-starring live-action adaptation, guys. Yours may end up being more "kid friendly" and "successful," but I doubt you'll ever manage to make such a confusing mix of Altman-esque naturalism, cartoon logic, and Harry Nilsson musical numbers. Still no better way to convince your child they're going insane than showing them that one.

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