'Machete' Will Contain "Three B's." Also, Machetes

March 16, 2010


That is, babes, bullets, and blood, obviously. And machetes.

Star Danny Trejo (Edward James Almost) talked to IGN about the lengthened adaptation of Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse trailer, and revealed some of what we can look forward to seeing in the film. Machetes, for instance:

"It is going to be awesome," Trejo promises. "We duplicate scenes from the trailer in the movie. What that movie has is the three B's, what I like to call the three B's. And what that is is babes, bullets and blood. And then it's got machetes, too.

"I dive out of a window on a guy's guts. It's really just unbelievable."

Don't worry, guys, that last line isn't a spoiler. You'll still be going in fresh enough, not knowing for certain if "dive out a window on a guy's guts" means diving out a window onto a pile of guts, using them as a cushion, of literally diving out a window while on them, like a guy-gut toboggan.

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