Marco Polo: The Movie, 'National Treasure'-Style

March 4, 2010


No, not the swimming pool game of your childhood (though that, and Red Rover and Red Light/Green Light, will be movies soon enough). Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant and explorer, is going to be a movie, now. But don't worry: this isn't going to be some boring thing based on "facts" and "history"; this shit is all awesome and made up!

Warner Bros. is traveling back to the 13th century journey of Marco Polo for a feature, attaching Francis Lawrence ("I Am Legend") to direct and setting up the project with Erwin Stoff at 3 Arts Entertainment.

Untitled project's seen as a fantasy-adventure rather than a biopic, with the logline under wraps. "We see this as something that takes place in the Orient of our imagination amid the cultural clash of the East and the West," [writer Adam] Cooper told Daily Variety.

Yay, I love the Orient of our imagination! So much better than the actual, boring Orient that no one refers to as the "Orient" anymore. I prefer my Orient to be vaguely racist, stuffed with ninjas, samurais, and geisha, and constantly playing that song movies always play when you're in China.

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