Nicole Kidman Resorts to She-Hitch

March 2, 2010


With her last several films returning less-than-stellar box office (you will never think of The Invasion again after just now), Nicole Kidman has decided to take the grim path of the safe, broad romantic comedy. Vulture has news she'll be taking the lead in the Wedding Planner-y new film The Wedding Doctor, which will see the pale actress as a pre-marriage relationship analyst who decides SHE'D make a better bride for one particular client, starting a war against his fiancée. Ut-ohhhhhhh!

With Kristen Wiig's Bride Wars-esque project also in development, that's already TWO wedding feud movies en route in the coming year, ladies! And it's only March! I know a certain gender that's going to have SO many movies reminding them of the fragility of their lives--that their career and friendships are balanced ever so precariously, ready to collapse at the first scent of wedding cake frosting. If we continue at this rate, I predict we'll hear about Jennifer Aniston in I Want a Husband! and Katherine Heigl in Oh Fuck, Someone's Marryin'! by the end of spring.

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