OK, We've Finally Got a Captain of America

March 23, 2010


After months of unbearable speculation and indecision, we've got him: Chris Evans--who already played Fire-Man Superhero in The Fantastic Four, generic superhero in Push, and soon stars in adaptations of Scott Pilgrim and The Losers--will once again attempt to make comic books seem real as Captain America.

Variety reports Evans has signed the standard Marvel contract for indentured servitude, obligating Not Another Teen Movie to a trilogy of Captain America movies, cameos in other Marvel films, and a large part in the big Thor/Iron Man/Captain America/et al. Marvel cross-over The Avengers.

Evans has the look (thousands of shirtless photos online tell me he is, in fact, good-looking and muscular) and the talent for the part; if he can tone down the comic arrogance he's become known for, he should be able to handle acting serious when throwing a shield at someone. The variable I'm more concerned with is the script, written by the team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. They may have done a fair enough job with the Chronicles of Narnia, but I'm still not sure I trust the creepily molester-named postman of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhoo as a screenwriter.

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