'Paranormal Activity 2' Already Sounding Bad

March 16, 2010


It should already be assumed that Paranormal Activity 2, like The Blair Witch's Second Project, is just a desperate cashgrab that, barring a miracle, will result in something like a film version of a jujube--awful, bland, indigestible, and able to instantly fill you with regret as soon as you realize just how long you're going to be experiencing this undertaking. But just how bad will it be? Here's a hint: Akiva Goldsman is probably directing it.

ShockTillYouDrop reports, though no deals are yet in place, Goldsman is currently the frontrunner for the sequel project. He's previously directed an episode of Kings and a couple hours of Fringe, but you more likely know him as the writer of such scripts as: Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Practical Magic, Lost in Space, I, Robot, and I Am Legend. So, if you couldn't tell, what I'm suggesting is this will probably be a very bad movie.

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