Pretty Villainess Casting Maybe #2

March 29, 2010


Angelina Jolie, widely considered Earth's best and most aesthetically pleasing mother, is considering taking on the title role in Disney's forthcoming Malificent from the mind of Mulan screenwriter Linda Woolverton. Jolie would play the bad guy from Sleeping Beauty in a postmodern take on the tale that would focus on her exploits instead of the fairy tale world's most famous potential date rape victim.

With Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland currently crushing the box office, Disney is anxious to get another reimagined classic in production for an inevitably immersive 3D theater run. It's been said Burton might end up directing this one, too, so it will be sad when Jolie is eventually fired as the cast is entirely repopulated by Depps and Bonham Carters.

Will Angelina Jolie wake Sleeping Beauty? [L.A. Times]

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