Pretty Villainess Casting Maybe #1

March 29, 2010


According to the latest casting rumors, there is still very much a place for attractive women in the motion picture business.

Cinema Blend reported yesterday that Brendan Fraser's wife from those Mummy movies may be up for the role of the villain in the third Daniel Craig James Bond movie, evocatively referred to as Bond 23. Rachel Weisz would play the head of Quantum, the nefarious organization that has vexed the cro-mag superspy in the most confusing ways possible during the last two films. Bond has had a female boss since 1995, so why shouldn't the bad guys have one as well? With this kind of progressive change 007 could stand the chance of taking down the entire evil organization with only his misogyny.

(Edit: I sure did get Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz confused for a second there. I drink often. Apologies to brunette British women everywhere.)

Rachel Weisz Could Be James Bond's Next Villain [Cinema Blend]

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