Robert Culp Dies at 79

March 25, 2010


Robert Culp, who starred in I Spy and The Greatest American Hero and appeared in many, many other shows over his long career, has died of a head injury at 79:

Robert Culp, the veteran actor best known for starring with Bill Cosby in the classic 1960s espionage-adventure series "I Spy" and for playing Bob in the 1969 movie "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," died Wednesday morning. He was 79.

Culp fell and hit his head while taking a walk outside his Hollywood Hills home. He was found by a jogger who called 911 and was pronounced dead at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, said Lt. Bob Binder of the Los Angeles Police Department. An autopsy is pending.

"My mind wants to flow into sadness, but I want to stay above that," Cosby told The Times on Wednesday.

Well, at least he lived long enough after 2002's Owen Wilson/Eddie Murphy I Spy remake to have had at least 3 or 4 good years of completely forgetting it ever existed.

More at the LA Times.

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