Smurfs Casting Vexes Me

March 17, 2010


According to Entertainment Weekly, Hank Azaria has been cast as Gargamel in the Smurfs movie. OK, fine, that makes sense, right? SO YOU'D THINK. Except Azaria is only providing the voice for the cat-loving villain, while Neil Patrick Harris will represent himself in the flesh.

So, if I'm understanding this, Smurfs has both actual humans and weird CGI humans going on at once... which is crazy. That's literally what it feels like to be crazy. You're looking at a human, next thing you know, a slightly not-real man in a robe shows up next to him and starts cackling and stroking a cat, and even though you know he's clearly not real, you can't stop him being there for some reason. What an insane concept. It's like someone is making a film just to help us fully empathize with that wide-eyed guy on the subway steadily slapping a ball-peen hammer against his open palm. His reality is Smurfs!

UPDATE: Neil P. Harris has clarified via a twittering, saying, "Hank Azaria will be PLAYING Gargamel for the Smurfs film, not just providing a voice. He'll be live action. Perfect casting, can't wait!" The world makes sense again.

(Thanks for the tip, King Krab.)

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