'Smurfs' Finds Its Human Sacrifice

March 3, 2010


For over three years the promise of a Smurfs movie has loomed over us, an approaching blue storm cloud that just won't seem to let lose its deluge of mediocrity. As it's grown closer, we've been able to make out more details--that it will mix live-action and CGI, that there will be more Lady-Smurfs, that Jonathan Winters is both alive and providing the voice of Papa Smurf--but one crucial item remained unknown: who would be the likable actor who would completely though somewhat understandably sell themselves out and allow their face to poke out of this shitpile just for a check?

Now we know. According to Deadline Hollywood, Neil Patrick Harris, the man who has somehow managed to fight off the stigma of being only gay and Doogie Howser and become one of the most well-liked comic actors working, will play the Jason Lee character in this blue-tinted Alvin and the Chipmunks. And I just lost all the money I had riding on John Krasinski.

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