'Space Invaders' Movie Slowly Descending

March 3, 2010


Missile Command and Asteroids are already needlessly headed to cinemas as soon as producers figure out why there would be a Missile Command or Asteroids movie. It only makes sense Space Invaders too should be given a confusing chance at movie stardom.

The LA Times says Warner Bros. is in negotiations with Taito, the original Japanese manufacturer, to acquire the film rights to crudely-drawn aliens descending along a two-dimensional plane, finally giving mankind the chance to see a film about alien invaders from space. This has been a long time coming to the world of science fiction, which thus far has had to avoid that basic concept because of copyrights. Or so I assume, because otherwise, why would anyone bother buying the movie rights to Space Invaders? Particularly when the 1990 sci-fi comedy Spaced Invaders tells us you can make a movie about space invaders and literally just add a single letter to the title to avoid lawsuit.

Thanks, but I'll stick with Futurama for my Space Invaders entertainment needs:

Sad that the movie will almost undoubtedly be far less accurate than that.

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