'Step Up 3D' Trailer Steps It Up to the Next Level: The Flirting with Slurpees Level

March 31, 2010


Depending on how you look at it, it's probably either really hard or really easy to make a Step Up sequel. On the one hand, as I understand it, the first two films (and every other dance movie) are really mundane romances occasionally broken up by outlandish backup dancing competitions, which is a pretty easy formula to follow if you're willing to wait outside Fox's So You Think You Can Dance for cast members. But at the same time, as a director, it's probably pretty hard to come up with any way to really make any big innovations to set one Step Up from the previous Step. Once you've stepped up 2 the streets, what else can you step up 2?

How about stepping up 2 a love scene based on dumping Icee on a grate, and stepping up 2 the most hyperbolic statement ever made about a dance move:


"One [dance] move can set a whole generation free?" Come on. Even the Moonwalk left me with a few inhibitions.

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