'THE Final Destination' Actually More Like 'A Destination'

March 19, 2010


It turns out last year's The Final Destination, even with its definite article, was not the final destination. Just as with Final Destinations 1-3, it was just another standard destination leading into yet another future destination, and that destination sounds like another another shitty movie about 26-year-old "teens" dying unlikely death.

ComingSoon explains:

Today, at ShoWest in Las Vegas, ComingSoon.net sat in on Warner Bros.' The Big Picture presentation during which the studio's Alan Horn confirmed a fifth "Final Destination" film is in the works.

Each film in the series continues to be a financial success for the company. The Final Destination, which hit theaters last year in 3D, grossed $66 million domestically but made $180 million worldwide.

I wonder if they'll switch back to numbering or come up with some vaguer title so as not to remind people they're stretching this thin premise over five films. I'm rooting for either the 48 Hrs-style Another Final Destination or the sheepish One More Final Destination, Maybe?

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