There's Still 'Fright Night' To Remake

March 8, 2010

It's remake time for Fright Night, and it looks like Lars and the Real Girl director Craig Gillespie is reportedly the guy who's going to do this thing.

The original 1985 film--written and directed by Tom Holland and starring Herman's Head, Prince Humperdink, and Cornelius--focused on a man discovering his neighbor is a vampire, spawned a 1988 sequel, and had a really catchy titled that rhymes. The remake, currently in the hands of writer Marti Noxon, would presumably cash in on Twilight's popular "Hey! There's a vampire next door!" themes, and probably still have a really catchy title that rhymes. Or maybe it would be like this 1989 Bollywood remake where a sink catches on fire and then a woman is in a bikini:

The more vampire movies we get, the more I think, "God, another vampire movie?"

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