This Guy Also Might Be Captain America

March 16, 2010


Remember this cro-mag? It's Channing Tatum. You've probably seen him at least once as a tank top-wearing dancer or military guy at some point in the last half-decade. Well, Deadline New York says he's the latest rumored to be up for the apparently impossible-to-cast part of Captain America. His weird name joins a list that includes Chris Evans, Mike Vogel, Garrett Hedlund, Wilson Bethel, and probably not John Krasinski but who knows anymore.

But that's not all in Captain America casting indecision news: Marvel is also reportedly looking at Keira Knightley, Alice Eve, or maybe Emily Blunt for the female lead, Peggy--though, again, no real decisions have been made.

So basically, from what I can figure out, what Marvel really needs is a 5th grade girl to make them a Captain America Cootie Catcher so they can finally make some decisions about this piece of shit.

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