We've Lost a Corey

March 10, 2010


Corey Haim, star of films like Lucas and The Lost Boys, was found dead this morning of a likely drug overdose. He was 38.

Though Haim found success in the '80s as both star and teen idol, with his face appearing in magazines beside a pink heart and an interview about his favorite color, his increasing drug use led to a fall from grace and less and less non-straight-to-video work. More recently, he starred alongside frequent collaborator Corey Feldman in a belated Lost Boys sequel and A&E's pseudo-reality show The Two Coreys. When the show ended, Feldman refused to speak again to Haim until he sobered up (though I have a feeling he'll totally talk to any reporters that want to give him a momentary place in the spotlight).

Goodbye, Corey. May your license to drive never expire.

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