Zoolander in Fiction Eerily Similar to Zoolander in Reality

March 1, 2010


Curious about what's going on with that Zoolander sequel we heard about last week? Yeah, neither am I. Zoolander is a decade old and I'd pretty much forgotten about the movie and character entirely until a few days ago.

It turns out that's the plan for the new movie, too:

We have a new story idea that we feel excited about and we're going to try to go forward," [Stiller] said. "The beginning of the movie is [set]... 10 years later, and Derek & Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody even knows who they are, so they have to re-invent themselves."

Clever, Stiller. But was there any difficulty for you in coming back to making that stupid face after all this time?

"Well I think it has to be [a 'Zoolander' for a new generation]," Stiller explained.

The biggest roadblock for Stiller's return to the character has been the absence of its creator. "The tough thing over the years has just been that Drake Sather, who created the character, is not around anymore," he explained. Sather, a former "Saturday Night Live" and "Dennis Miller Show" writer, died in 2004 in an apparent suicide. "For a long time that was, for me, that hardest thing to figure out how to move forward through."

That's nice. Drake Sather's soul can rest well knowing it took a few years before Ben Stiller decided, fuck it, I'll just make another Zoolander movie anyway. What, are we going to abandon every premise as soon as its creator tragic kills themselves? Then what would we do when the Night at the Museum guy realizes the monster he's created and eats a bullet, stop making them? Preposterous. This generation needs its Zoolander. Every generation needs its Zoolander.

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