A Nic Cageless 'Ghost Rider'???

April 26, 2010


I know, it's like a BLT without the bacon, but apparently that just might be what's happening because Nicolas Cage simply has too many shitty films to make at once. According to Vulture, Columbia has only until mid-November to start production on another Ghost Rider film or the rights revert back to Marvel/Disney--but, ut-oh, not only is the studio not at all ready to make another Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage might have a National Treasure to make around the same time. What a world! They might have to make Ghost Rider 2 sans Cage! WaW!

Insiders confirm to Vulture that Columbia is facing a ticking clock on the rights to the BBQ-skulled Marvel Comics character: Legally, if the studio isn't in production on a sequel by November 14, 2010, the franchise automatically reverts to Marvel — which means the comic company's new owner, Disney.

Insiders tell us that Columbia is asking Marvel for an extension. (Asking, pleading, it's a fine line.) But time is running out. Cage has spoken about his desire to make a second Ghost Rider; the issue is whether his schedule will be free before the deadline. Disney is also hoping to get him for a third National Treasure with Jerry Bruckheimer, which could be shooting as early as this fall and would presumably earn the star a hefty paycheck. And considering Cage's well-documented money troubles, that cash may trump his deep love of comic books.

But waaaaait a minute, Columbia. If you haven't even started production on Ghost Rider 2, then how do you explain this spy footage:

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