Both 'Alien' Prequels Will Be 3-D; Also, There Are Apparently Two 'Alien' Prequels Now

April 26, 2010


Alright, everyone, time for some Alien news. Collider recently had the chance to talk to Ridley Scott about his plans for a prequel to the sci-fi franchise, and the director revealed a couple things.

1. It will be in 3D, because of course it will be in 3D, because everything is in 3D.

2. All this time he's been saying "an Alien prequel," what Ridley Scott meant was "two Alien prequels."

Collider: There has been a lot of talk about you doing [the prequel] in 3D.

Ridley Scott: Of course, it’ll be 3D.

Collider: I’ve always heard you want as much light as possible [when shooting 3D].

Scott: That’s the downside.

Collider: But isn’t Alien almost the antithesis of that because the movies have always been about shadow and darkness and hiding things.

Scott: That’s what Jim [Cameron] said. The problem is you’ll have to grade it later. You’ll have to grit your teeth and light it not the way you’d like it. And then later, you’re gonna have to regrade it. Repaint it. In fact, Avatar, when you think about it, is almost a completely animated movie.

Collider: You’re developing the Alien prequel, are you developing it as a series of films or a longer storyline?

Scott: It’ll be two. It’ll be prequel one and two. Then Alien 1.

Hopefully the second one will get into the Alien's childhood friendship with Predator, making it all the more tragic knowing that they one day will versus each other twice.

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