Chris Rock Making Another Foreign Film Worse

April 13, 2010


Today, when clicking around the "foreign" section (it's his favorite; American films are so broad and pandering), Chris Rock used his magic Netflix account's "remake this for some reason" button again. This was the result:

... Chris Rock revealed that his next project included writing 'High and Low' for director Mike Nichols. The film would be a remake of famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's 1963 detective thriller.

Based loosely on Evan Hunter's 'King's Ransom,' the story follows an executive named Kingo Gondo, who learns that his son has been kidnapped. He is prepared to pay the ransom amount until he discovers that the kidnappers mistakenly abducted the child of his chauffeur. Gondo must decide between keeping the money he has saved up for a critical corporate buyout or using it to save his driver's son.

Last time Chris Rock pushed that button, he announced he'd be remaking last year's French comedy La premiere etoile; the time before that, it resulted in a remake of 2007's Death at a Funeral that put Danny Glover back on a toilet; and the first time Rock dared click the "remake this for some reason" button, we ended up with a Love in the Afternoon remake that would later kill original director Éric Rohmer.*

What I'm getting at is, hey, Chris Rock, could you cut it out?

*The official cause of death was "finally catching most of I Think I Love My Wife on TBS.


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