Finally, Someone Who Hates This 3-D Thing as Much as Me: This Roger Ebert

April 30, 2010


Need some new Thanksgiving Dinner arguments to try to convince your 3D loving family to stop voting 3D (apparently they forgot the last 8 years of 3D)? Look no further. Roger Ebert has provided Newsweek with a handy outline of nine reasons you should hate the resurgence of this technology, with such topics as "THEATERS SLAP ON A SURCHARGE OF $5 TO $7.50 FOR 3-D" and "HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT 3-D SEEMS A LITTLE DIM?"

As someone who even gets annoyed at the Universal Studios ride-like experience of Surround Sound (Hey, that sound was behind me! Like I'm literally in the movie!), I agree with pretty much all of his talking points. All except, "IT WAS 3-D THAT GAVE ME THIS CURSED JAW!"


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