Green Lantern's Costume Takes Place in a Computer's Mind

April 12, 2010


Dressing up as the movie version of Green Lantern for Halloween is going to be tough, and not just because your lumpy physique is repulsive in anything even modestly form-fitting. According to /Film, the costume in the film is going to be entirely VIRTUAL.

For those that don't understand my modern techno jargon, what that means is there is no physical costume. Star Ryan Reynolds is shooting his scenes in a motion capture suit, and director Martin Campbell plans to overlay his little outfit using computer machines, which should give the costume a slick futuristic look befitting a suit formed by an alien ring. Or make it look like a CGI version of one of those photo-op spots where you stick your head through a piece of plywood painted like a headless muscular guy and a girl in a bikini. You pick.

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