'Iron Man 2' VIRALLLLL: Bootleg Stark Expo Footage That Isn't Actually Bootlegged

April 15, 2010

After all those BORING trailers with guys in awesome suits shooting things, a guy with electro-whips, and Scarlett Johansson crawling around in a skintight catsuit, Marvel has finally made a piece of marketing that might actually get some people interested in "Iron Man Two": some sort of bootleg video of a technology exhibition that is actually just a normal video shot to look like it's bootleg and that has absolutely no payoff. Yay?

In fairness, despite the anti-interest this short clip generates, maybe it's a part of something bigger. Like a massive conspiracy to further convince paranoid schizophrenics that Iron Man suits are a reality that will soon be used against the American populace (the census was a trick to figure out how many bullets they'd need). That's probably it.

(via /Film)

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