JLo Falls to the Power of Dragons

April 26, 2010


Your weekend box office:

1. How to Train Your Dragon - $15 million, jumping back up to first place in its fifth week of release. Just goes to show how word of mouth can do for a film when the word is there's nothing coming out this week but some generic action movie, Jennifer Lopez Gets Artificially Inseminated, and something that's literally just looking at oceans.

2. The Back-Up Plan - $12.3 million. This might be bad news for that Jennifer Aniston movie about artificial insemination that's also coming out soon. Or maybe it's good news, because America is saving their yearly artificial insemination comedy tolerance for that one. Who can say?

3. Date Night - $10.6 million. Not surprised this one continues to do decently. People love watching a marriage get its spark back in an exciting and unexpected way, and not everyone has the available hard drive space to download xxx-middle-aged-orgy.avi.

4. The Losers - $9.6 million. It's true: no one wants to look at a loser. Just like Mother always said before sliding the closet door shut.

5. Kick-Ass - $9.5 million. What happened to all those people who really wanted to see this? Were all those comments about how good it looked left by bots? That would explain all the references to the trailer looking like Ugg Boot deals.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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