Megan Fox Might Play Ginger Barbarian

April 5, 2010


Well, Red Sonja fans (ren faire nerds), I hope you imagined your crimson-haired barbarian dull yet attractive in an extremely generic way. According to Pajiba, Megan Fox's crude thumbs may be swinging a broadsword as the red-haired lady-Conan if Millennium films gets their way:

...the previous incarnation of the Red Sonja remake has been scrapped, as some have already speculated. Rose McGowan is off. In fact, it seems that director, Douglas Aarniokoski, is also off the project, and Millennium Films is searching for another writer, someone to take another pass at David N. White’s script. But the project is far from dead.

The potentially bigger news, here, however, is that not only is Rose McGowan out, but right now, there’s an offer out to another actress to take the role. That actress? Megan Fox.

Let's hope Megan Fox in a chainmail bikini can live up to the high expectations of those sketches in my Five Star Notebook.

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