More Terrible Sequels Coming: 'Clash of the Titans 2' and 'Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D 2'

April 28, 2010


A 3D film that was never meant to be 3D and a film so aggressively intended to be 3D it literally fucking shoved books at you are both getting sequels you'll never want to see.

Deadline reports Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are pretty jazzed that Clash of the Titans has already made $388 million, and are eager to get a sequel in theaters by spring 2012. Director Louis Leterrier will not return, but Sam Worthington is ready to again add his signature indistinct presence that can be mistaken for a smudge on your 3D glasses. Is it too much to hope for two kraken releases?

Meanwhile, New Line and Walden somehow haven't reached the universally agreed-upon opinion that Brendan Fraser is intolerable, and want to get him back into the center of the Earth as soon as possible. But, ut oh, there's a problem! Director Eric Brevig is busy making Yogi Bear into a creepy CGI presence and therefore is unavailable to shoot the sequel; Fraser is hesitant to continue with a new director. Smart, Brendan. What would a Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D film be without the creative vision that made sure to include the line "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the center of the Earth," and thought to get a shot from inside a sink drain, allowing Brendan Fraser's spit to ooze straight out of the screen? Not my Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.

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