New 'Friday the 13th' Sequel Outlook is Bleak

April 22, 2010


Your next Friday the 13th movie event might just have to make do with the dozen Jason films already available. BloodyDisgusting has some unfortunate news for those hoping another out-of-this-world Friday the 13th sequel was on the way:

While hangin' on ol' Twitter, BC discovered @Mayroth_Tucker3's tweet asking Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller, "Hows the F13 sequel coming along?" to which Fuller replied, "it is dead- not happening."

Considering the last film made over $90 million worldwide, and how much Platinum Dunes loves doing a horrible job remaking horror films, this is pretty surprising. I hope this isn't a sign Michael Bay's production company is suddenly becoming tasteful and self-aware. It seems a shame to reach that point before they've even cranked out some modernized, piece of shit Puppetmaster.

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