Oh Dear God, a 'Human Centipede' Trailer

April 5, 2010


Back in September, you may recall I showed you some clips from a movie about a crazy German scientist stitching some people into a "human centipede" with a single digestive track. If you looked at that post, you may better remember the concept as the prominent feature in all your nightmares since September, 2009. If you missed that one, the crude, projected drawing above should give you the gist of the image that, seven months ago, gave proof of the theoretical fucked-up level always thought to exist beyond WTF.

Well, now there's a trailer. I can't really recommend it, because that's like recommending puking, but still, you should probably indulge your morbid curiosity:

At least he makes those cute little dry-erase drawings showing what he's going to do to them. If I'm going to go out as a human centipede, I want to go out as a human centipede in a fucked up high school anatomy class.

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