Somewhere, Somehow, Someone's Gonna Pay for a 'Commando' Remake

April 29, 2010

Was Taken not enough of an exploration of the badass-former-operative-father-saving-his-kidnapped-daughter genre? I'm afraid not. 20th Century Fox has decided they need to remake the 1985 classic Commando. The original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a former commando who fucks all these dudes up to get his Alyssa Milano back. Deadline reports David Ayer, a former Navy Solider who wrote Training Day and directed Street Kings, has been hired to hammer out some new one-liners that won't be half as hilarious when not being spoken by a stern Austrian bodybuilder.

Normally I'm staunchly opposed to remakes, but in this case I'll make an exception. If this can stop even one more group of kidnappers from abducting the daughter of a trained killer, forcing him to go on a murderous rampage of bloodthirsty revenge, then it's worth it.

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