SPOILERZZ!: So Here's What Those People Who Sit After the Credits of 'Iron Man 2' See

April 28, 2010


If you've looked around Internet today, you've probably seen people buzzing (not Buzzing; no one uses Buzz) about the leaked SECRET ENDING of Iron Man 2. It's so secret that you have to sit through the credits, likely tolerating a terrible heavy metal song, just to see it! So if you want to see the secret ending, that's how to see it. But if you're one of those people who wants to stand up, wipe the popcorn bits off their shirt, and immediately walk out after the screen goes black following Robert Downey Jr. saying "I AM Iron Man" a final, fifteenth time (I assume that's how it ends), here's what happens:

Some SHIELD agent goes to a site in the desert and sees that there's this big-ass crater with Thor's hammer in it. OK? And then the audience is all, "SHIT, are they making a Thor movie, too?" And then the hammer says, "Yup."

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