This Movie Sounds Nothing Like a Real Movie, Yet...

April 27, 2010


Sean Astin, Cheri Oteri, and the subject of thoroughbred horse racing? What did someone chant into a darkened bathroom mirror to make this strange creature a reality?

Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri are toplining independent comedy "And They're Off," set in the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

The ensemble cast includes Martin Mull, Mark Moses, Gigi Rice, Lil' JJ, Peter Jacobson, Mo Collins, Alex Rocco, Luis Chavez and Kevin Nealon.

Astin portrays a failed horse trainer desperately trying to get back into the winners circle.

And They're Off" is directed by Rob Schiller ("King of Queens," "Two and a Half Men")

Normally I wouldn't think Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri would be entrusted with the leads in a comedy, but I can see why they went for it: we've got Rob Schiller at the helm! Yes, that Rob Schiller. Rob Schiller of the episode of two episodes of The Sinbad Show, two episodes of The Wayans Bros., over 160 Kings of Queens, and literally hundreds of other zany comedy episodes. He has so many sitcom situations under his belt, he'll have a wacky scheme ready for virtually any potential mishap.

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