Weekend Box Office Results: Comedians Experiencing a Date Beats Titans Clashing

April 12, 2010


1. Date Night - $27.1 million. Seems quite a few people saw Date Night this weekend. With any luck, one of them can now tell me what a date is like.

2. Clash of the Titans - $26.9 million. I don't want to start any crazy rumors here, but I heard most of the sales are from Harry Hamlin buying up all the tickets so that no one will ever experience a Clash of the Titans without him.

3. How to Train Your Dragon - $25.4 million. I hope everyone who saw this takes the lessons it teaches and applies them to the real world. Like the lesson that dragons are awesome, so everyone should stop making fun of my email being "DragonzBlade".

4. Why Did I Get Married Too? - $11 million. Don't worry, ladies--Tyler Perry isn't actually married (too). You could still get a ring from Madea!

5. The Last Song - $10 million. You know what I call this film's star? Miley SIGHrus. Because she makes me sigh so hard at both her beauty and talent. I also sometimes call her Hannah Montana, but that's because I was just kidding about the SIGHrus thing and I have absolutely no respect for her.

UPDATE: Ut oh! Looks like Date Night might have only made $25.5 million or so, putting it behind Clash of the Titans. What a world!

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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