Finally, a Resource for Insane People to Find Out What Guns Are in What Movies

May 20, 2010


At the intersection of film and outspoken enthusiasm for firearms, where you would expect to see the ghost of Charlton Heston, spectral teeth-gritted, guarding the crossroads, there lies instead a website dedicated to the identification and enjoyment of guns in cinema. I speak, of course, of the IMFDb--the Internet Movie Firearms Database--your one-stop shop for movie/gun things. The knowledge that Owen Wilson has wielded a Detonics CombatMaster, and that "Shane Wolf (Vin Diesel) wields a SIG P225 in his left hand" in Disney's The Pacifier, is at now your fingertips. Do with it what you will. Unless you were thinking of using it to become the "Owen Wilson Killer", a serial killer who murders his victims using the firearms chronologically implemented by Owen Wilson in his various films. Never do that.

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