Greta Gerwig is Arthur's Liza Minnelli

May 6, 2010


Earlier this year, after seeing Greta Gerwig shine like a power sword beam in Greenberg, I knew that wouldn't be the last I saw of this actress--and not just because I knew at the very least she'd be making appearances in my fantasies when I needed a cute, down-to-earth yet somewhat-attainable presence in a particular mental scenario. She's got a real charm that's going to take her places. Unfortunately, one of those places is the set of that fucking Arthur remake Warner Bros. is putting Russell Brand in. Deadline reports:

Guess who's ... playing the lead role that once gave Liza Minnelli's career such a big boost? I hear that after a lengthy search, Warners is in discussions with Greta Gerwig.

Gerwig is in talks to play the charismatic shoplifter who tempts a lovable drunk [Arthur]-- and risking his trust fund--to take a chance on a woman who makes him feel alive.

She's playing a shoplifter? Then why didn't they just get WINONA RYDER?! Am I right, Kevin Eubanks? She shoplifted a few years ago, if I recall.

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