Iron Man More Popular than Robin Hood Man

May 17, 2010


Your weekend box office top fiver:

1. Iron Man 2 - $53 million. Enjoy your time at the top while it lasts, Iron Man, because you know Mom's going to make us see Shrek next weekend.

2. Robin Hood - $37 million. For those box office analysts looking for a reason for Robin Hood's inability to topple last week's king, the answer is: Robin Hood is nowhere near as cool as Iron Man.

3. Letters to Juliet - $13.8 million. If I could write just one letter to Juliet, it would say, "Claire Danes is going to portray you. Yeah, the one from My So-Called Life."

4. Just Wright - $8.5 million. You know what's really interesting about this film? Queen Latifah's character's last name is Wright! Isn't it clever how they did that, making her name "Wright" so that the title "Just Wright" marginally applied to the situation in more than one way?

5. How to Train Your Dragon - $5.1 million. Still?

Weekend Box Office Results [erc]

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