'Iron Sky' Teaser: Let's Never Let the Nazis into Space

May 19, 2010


Man, Nazis. Remember those guys? Some really rotten fellas in that lot. Hitler, etc. So imagine if they got into space! (Unless you're in Germany, where imagining that is probably illegal.) Awful right? Well, that's the concept of this film that may or may not ever come out, Iron Sky. It's been over two years since I've heard from this extremely-independent production, and now they've got a new teaser to try to get more money raised to complete it. Maybe you should help them out. Because only by understanding Nazis in space can we hope to defeat that eventuality.

The only upside to Nazis in space would be that, finally, conspiracy theorists could conflate the Holocaust and the moon landing into a single entity they could vehemently deny. It would save a lot on crazy-person pamphlet printing.

(Thanks to Mike for the initial tip and to Sharkey for reminding me I never actually posted about it.)

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