James Franco Fighting Simian Uprising, Working with 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' Writer

May 21, 2010


Continuing his plan to make the phrase, "You know, a James Franco movie," far less meaningful than, "You know, an Adam Sandler movie," James Franco has signed on to star in a pair of new films during his General Hospital hiatus.

The actor has been the first name announced in Rise of the Apes, the new Planet of the Apes film that will be the first to have an all-computer-generated, PHOTOREALISTIC cast of apes. Franco will be playing a human scientist, because if there's anything the James Franco brand screams it's "human scientist."

Also on his agenda: Ricky Stanicky, the story of three friends who for decades successfully use an imaginary friend named Ricky Stanicky as a scapegoat--until their wives demand to meet this wacky character! Ut oh! Franco has accepted the role of the actor the friends hire to portray Stanicky in the comedy, which is described as being "in the vein of The Hangover." Of course, because remember how many Ferraris the money from that movie bought? So many, many Ferraris. The spec script was written by Jeffrey Bushell, whose previous screenwriting accomplishments can be heard in the voices of George Lopez and Drew Barrymore in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Now I assume you've lost all interest and stopped reading, so I'm done.

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