John McClane Seeming More and More Likely to Again Stop Some Terrorists of Some Nature

May 5, 2010


It seems Bruce Willis's talk of Die Hard 5 was more than the ramblings of a man insane with the knowledge Ashton Kutcher tucks his kids into bed each night before checking his Twitter statistics. Risky Business reports Fox is in talks with Skip Woods--writer of such gems as Swordfish, Hitman, and Wolverine--to dream up some tired wisecracks with a new screenplay. No word yet on the plot, but Willis's assertion that the next film has "got to go worldwide" promises we may at least see some ambition as the Die Hard franchise stretches itself to a translucent thinness.

And the doomsday clock on Ben Stiller's prescient vision of Die Hard 12 echoes loudly as the minute hand makes one more deliberate clack towards midnight.

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