Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee, and Harry Knowles Making a People-of-Comic-Con Documentary

May 21, 2010


Just in case someone doesn't think the oft-depressing culture of obsessive geekiness hasn't been exposed thoroughly enough in all the films about Star Trek people and live-action role-players, a new documentary is in the works that will shine a light on yet another niche with notorious virginity issues: Comic Con people. Boasting an impressive geek-cred producing roster of Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse/Every Canceled Show with a Cult Following-creator Joss Whedon, Ain't It Cool News gusher Harry Knowles, self-important documentarian Morgan Spurlock, and comics legend Stan Lee, the film--titled Comic Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope (get it? Star Wars)--will follow seven fanboys/girls from across the U.S. as they prep their Cyclops costumes, write out their "buy" lists, eBay Worf-related merchandise for Michael Dorn to sign, get permission from Mom, etc. in preparation for the San Diego Comic Con.

Honestly, the whole concept seems a bit belated considering Comic Con is no longer an ubernerd-exclusive event, now boasting huge media attention and participation that make it seem more like a marketing event than a geek gathering, making it accessible to all kinds of normies just looking to pick up a few 30%-off trade paperbacks and get a photo with Ernie Hudson. Still, seeing that Spurlock will be the one in the director's chair, I'm sure we'll get some kind of unique twist on it. Most likely one with Spurlock in front of the camera making sure everyone knows he's there and has a mustache.

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