'Journey to Promethea' Delivers Billy Zane's Best Seated Performance to Date

May 6, 2010


The Lord of the Rings trilogy: if you're into fantasy, it's a pretty good ride. Remember when all those guys were fighting, then the trees started fighting, too? The many times Rudy starts crying about helping Elijah Wood with his magic jewelry? So exciting and touching, respectively. I wouldn't change a thing about those films.

Well, actually, that's not true. I might add lightsabers that still also have metal blades and Billy Zane constantly being angry in a chair, because those additions are what make Journey to Promethea appear to be our best fantasy film:

(via Twitch)

It's like being in the mind of a LARPer as they live-action roleplay, but also Billy Zane is there shouting from a chair like a medieval FDR.

"Is it him?"

"It is him."

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