'Mass Effect' is Next Video Game You Like Becoming Movie You Probably Won't Like

May 25, 2010


The world of sub-par adaptations of video games is getting another entry. An article on the the Heat Vision Blog claims Bioware's action-RPG Mass Effect will be the latest victim of Hollywood producers trying to make some money by using the name of something popular to promote a product that scarcely resembles the original in either content or quality. The game, for which a sequel was released earlier this year, "is an epic sci-fi action game set in the year 2183, focusing on a human soldier and his starship, the SSV Normandy. The galaxy-spanning story involves a long-extinct race of aliens, dormant beacons and more alien species than you can shake a lightsaber at"; Legendary Pictures' film would presumably loosely follow this concept while making numerous massive, malicious-if-not-arbitrary deviations that will leave fans uncontainably infuriated with the pandering results. And you know how you're thinking of that actor who would be absolutely perfect for the lead? They definitely aren't getting him. You're going to be so fucking mad at who they get. Think Brendan Fraser-level fury.

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