New Romantic Comedy Doesn't Even Bother Pretending You Don't Know How It Will End

May 27, 2010


"Come on. We've all seen, or seen enough of, The Ugly Truth to know that when you force controlling-bitch-mode Katherine Heigl to be in close contact with a crass hunk she hates for long enough, eventually they're both going to fall in love with each other. Why even bother pretending she and Josh Duhamel being forced to share a house to raise their deceased friends' baby is going to result in anything else? Let's just fucking lay it all out there: show them kissing, show Duhamel's dramatic monologue about them being a family, show the baby-shit-on-Heigl's face joke. What does it even matter? Fuck everything," said the editor of this trailer.

I'm confused because the first few titles referred to "their" first date and "their" last date, but then it later says, "life as we know it will never be the same." Are they talking about us, now? Is MY life never going to be the same, all because of this film? I wish I knew how to prepare for this post-Life as We Know It life.

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